Ep 26: The Female Construction Revolution

Ep 26: The Female Construction Revolution

Hear from the founder of Belle Construction about the rise of women in the construction industry.

Show notes

Kendall Ansell from Belle Construction joins DirtStories as a guest in this episode. She shares her story of starting an all-female construction company and the changes she’s seen for women in construction over the years. Belle Construction is a unique example for the female construction revolution because Kendall was granted an exception from the Canadian Human Rights Commission to only advertise towards and hire women. From the daughter of a contractor to a female leader and trailblazer for women in the industry, Kendall has a number of stories to share of how she experienced small forms of sexism while working in the industry and starting her business. Her passion for challenging these stereotypes and helping women to view construction as a great career opportunity is contagious. With women like Kendall leading the charge the future for women sure looks bright in the labour industries.



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