Ep 20: The Rise of the "Outdoor Living Space"

Ep 20: The Rise of the "Outdoor Living Space"

Outdoor living space and every other top landscaping trend that you need to know about.

Show notes

Keith Ardron from Ardron Landscapes INC. joins us to talk about the rise of the outdoor living space and other landscape trends. Explore everything about landscaping, including the latest trends, social media in the industry and Keith's Dirt Story. In this episode Keith talks about how he wasn't encouraged to go into landscaping and wishes that more people viewed landscaping as a career choice. He has built his business to help create spaces for people to connect with each other and with nature. Some of the latest industry trends include electric equipment, outdoor living space and kitchens and using local flora and fauna in landscape design. Keith also explains how social media channels are changing the industry. Channels like Pinterest and Instagram have created a more informed consumer base for the landscape industry. This creates both unique opportunities and challenges for landscapers and business owners.

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