Ep 15: Sustainable Construction and Building with Wood

Ep 15: Sustainable Construction and Building with Wood

Sustainable construction and cross-laminated timber buildings. How much more green can you get?

Show notes

Jackman LTD is a construction company located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. Since DOZR's headquarters are also in Kitchener, we were happy to chat with another local company. We first became interested in Jackman Construction because we saw their signs on a unique construction site in Downtown Kitchener. What made this project so interesting is that it was being built out of wood. This is what drove this episode of DirtStories. Becca Grieb chats with Chris Loftin - VP of Construction at Jackman Construction - about sustainable construction trends and their unique cross-laminated timber project in Kitchener, Ontario. We also get to learn about him and his history in the industry.

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