Ep 12: Mental Health in Construction

Ep 12: Mental Health in Construction

Let's talk about mental health in the construction industry.

Show notes

Mental illness and mental health is often referred to as the “silent epidemic” in the construction industry. With one of the highest suicide rates than any other industry, construction needs to be having these conversations and to do so more often. In this episode, Stephanie Jones and Jack Veitch from the Canadian Mental Health Association chat with Becca Grieb about what mental health is, why it matters and what resources there are for those who may need some help. We are honored to have had these guests on DirtStories to talk about mental health and to dive into the topic further. We hope that by starting these conversations, we can challenge the stigma and encourage others in the industry to do the same. As Jack says in the podcast, “everyone has mental health the same way everyone has physical health.” It’s never too early or too late to ask for help.

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